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JSONata Transformation

Stable version 1.2.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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JSONata Transformation

JSON manipulation and transformation library. Based on www.jsonata.org and the c# library of Mikhail Bark github.com/mikhail-barg
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Transform and manipulate a JSON document. The primary use is to transform dynamic JSON into a format where it can be deserialized to an OutSystems structure.

This library is based on the work of Mikhail Bark who implemented the awesom JSONata library in native C#.

Transformations for JSON documents can be created using the Playground from JSONata and then used as input to the Transform action in the JSONata_IS module.

This component is developed and maintained by ISD FENIQS - www.isdfeniqs.com. Please use the support forum for questions of all kinds. For professional services please contact the author via personal message.

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