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HashiCorp Vault Core

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 02 February 2022 by 
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HashiCorp Vault Core

Connector for HashiCorp Vault Core API methods including authentication via Userpass, AppRole and JSON Web Token.
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HashiCorp Vault is a solution to manage secrets and protect sensitive data. This component here wraps some core functions for authenticating with a Vault instance using either AppRole, Userpass or Json Web Token. It retrieves an access token and provides additional actions for managing tokens and leases.

Vault features are implemented in separate components. Search OutSystems Forge for other HashiCorp Vault Engine components.

For more information please see the HashiCorp Vault website.

The companion demo application does not only show how to use this component, but also provides direct links to HashiCorp Vault documentation.

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