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Convert to PDF (ConvertAPI)

Stable version 1.0.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Convert to PDF (ConvertAPI)

Convert DOCX, XLSX, PNG, JPEG and JPG to PDF
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Convert DOCX, XLSX, PNG, JPEG and JPG to PDF with ConvertAPI, the simplest way to convert to PDF.

First step: Go to and create an account. (1500 seconds for free account)

Second step: In the tab "Overview" in your account profile copy your API Secret

Third Step: In the Actions inputs you just need to give your API Secret, Binary File to convert and Type of File (DOCX, XLSX, PNG, JPEG or JPG).

And it's done!

Note: For Reactive Apps you may need to change the timeout of your Module because the conversion can take a few seconds (7 to 10 seconds).

What’s new (1.0.2)

Added PNG, JPEG and JPG conversion to PDF.

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