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Stable version 0.0.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 09 March 2022 by 
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Entity to keep all the dates with their meta-data, like weekNo, isWeekend, DayOfTheWeek, DayOfTheYear etc.
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Always needed to know in what week a certain date is. Or if a date is in the weekend etc.

This service will provide you with, at least, the current year of dates in a table.

You can add/remove years if you want.

The table currently consists of the following attributes:

  • Date - The Date
  • Day - Day-part of the date
  • Day of week - FK to DayOfWeek static
  • Week - WeekNumber (based on SQL Server)
  • ISOWeek - ISO WeekNumber
  • Month - MonthPart of the date (FK) 
  • Quarter - In which quarter is the date
  • Year - YearPart of the date
  • FirstOfMonth - First of the month of the date
  • LastOfMonth - Last of the month of the date
  • LastOfYear - Last date of the year
  • DayOfYear - The Day in the year (i.e. 1-365/366)
  • IsLeapYear - is the date in a leapyear
  • WeekOfMonth - in which week of the month is the date
  • IsWeekend - is the date part of the weekend

Release notes (0.0.2)

Some cleanup

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