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Domino Connector

version 1.0.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Domino Connector

Domino Access Services are REST services that provide a standard way of accessing HCL Domino resources over HTTP. This connector enables OutSystems applications to integrate with Domino Access Services to pull data from NSF databases. HCL Domino was previously known as Lotus Notes, IBM Notes, and IBM Domino Server. Please contact for further information or questions about this component.
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Domino Connector is an integration service (_IS) component that allows you to integrate with HCL Domino Servers to pull data from NSF databases using the Domino Access Services available since Domino 9.0. 

Previously known under the names Lotus Notes, IBM Notes, and IBM Domino Server, HCL Domino is a document database and management system that became popular in the early 1990s. This component is meant to support the integration of data in Domino databases into OutSystems applications, enabling both legacy system coexistence solutions, as well as providing a migration path for this data.

The Domino Connector wraps a subset of the Domino Access Services REST API, with a focus on retrieving database, container, and document data. Future enhancements are planned to extend the Domino Connector to support data creation and updates. 

To use the connector to access a Domino server, that Domino server must have enabled Domino Access Services. The use of this connector also assumes a familiarity with the logical hierarchical structure within Domino NSF databases. 

The Domino Connector consists of a single module Domino_IS which provides the Server Actions to connect and retrieve data from Domino Database.

A "demo" application is included that allows for visual navigation through the database, container, and document hierarchy on a Domino Server (assuming appropriate access permissions). This Domino DB Browser demo application requires a server URL, as well as a user name and password to use when connecting to the Domino server. 

There is no plan to extend the Domino Connector to have any explicit support for calendar and email data, as it's unlikely there are any Domino systems in use to support email & calendar services. 

See the documentation page for additional details on how to use the Domino Connector and the sample Domino DB Browser application. 

If you'd like to discuss how best to integrate your Domino applications & data, or migrate data, please feel free to contact us at Info @

What’s new (1.0.3)

Only show hostname (not FQDN) as header

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