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Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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This component provides some Actions to Create or Update data for any Entity. Currently, it has compatible only with SQL Server, but it will support Oracle in the future. この部品は任意のEntityに対してデータを新設/更新するためのActionを提供します。現在はSQL Serverにのみ対応していますが、将来的にはOracleにも対応予定です。
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  • It identifies the physical table name from the eSpace name and Entity name from the Input Parameter and uses the name for Create or Update.

  • When inputting multiple records, It sorts in ascending order by primary key to avoid deadlock.

  • If the primary key is the default value, It implements Create. When creating multiple records, It inserts them all at once. At this time, CreatedOn, CreatedBy, UpdatedOn, and UpdatedBy of Entity are updated.

  • If the primary key is not the default value It implements Update. At this time, It confirms that there is no difference in UpdatedOn, and if there is a difference, make an exclusive error. If there is no difference, the data will be updated. At this time, UpdatedOn and UpdatedBy of Entity are also updated.

  • Constraint

    • The primary key is the first column.

    • The primary key is Auto Number.

What’s new (1.0.1)

Input Parameter "IgnoredColumns" is added. If you want to insert the default value or don't want to change the value for the update, input the column name separated by a comma.

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