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OutStarter Workshop

Stable version 0.2.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 05 April 2022 by 
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OutStarter Workshop

An Outsystems Workshop with a sample application with a similar use case to Kickstarter.
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The objective of this exercise is to provide to a developer the OutSystems Low-Code development experience.

The use case is similar to Kickstarter.

A user can browse projects and become a patron by funding a project.

The frontend will have a couple of screens, a project list with project information, and a funding screen where the user can enter its details and an amount.

The backend provides all the business logic and also handles the database.

The data for this exercise has its origins on a scrapper service which monitors and sends an RSS feed.


Release notes (0.2.0)
  • Removed dependencies
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in version 0.1.0
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