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HCLDomino Example Template

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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HCLDomino Example Template

This a template application to import data from HCL Domino. In this example we import Employees
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Using the Domino connector demo as a way to explore the structures of the data in your HCL Domino server you can leverage this template to create an application to import your data to the Outsystems side.

This component as a synchronization logic to pull Employee data. You can adapt the template code to include the structures and the data you want to import.

What do you have to do:

- Put in the configurations that are similar to the ones on the Domino Connector.

- Use the Domino Connector Demo to navigate through your documents and get the JSON with the structure of your information.

- Change the Domino wrappers so you can deserialize those JSONs.

- Change the existing CreateorUpdateEmployees for whatever Entity you want to use to import your data. You can reference entities from other applications.

- Trigger the synchronization. This will start an asynchronous timer that will keep iterating, pulling one page at the time. If you didn't define the maximum number of pages it will keep synchronizing until there are no more pages to pull.

- In this template there is also some screens to show how you can consume the data directly.


- User the Domino Connector demo that is very useful to explore and understand your data on the Domino side.

- If you select a maximum number of records per page higher than the one configure on your domino server you well get an error.

- The text encoding is dependent of the Domino server. You might have to do some text decoding.

- There is an action on the template to fix when a JSON attribute is an array, but became a simple text when there is only one value on that array (CorrectArraysInJSON).

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