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Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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DropdownSearch Custom

"I understand that EncodeHTML is a security way to avoid xss, but in some cases that words contain accents, the dropdown is hiding the values when disabling the dropdown." I reused the platform's native dropdownsearch, and implemented the optional encode html option For more details see demo. Optional html coding implementation, if I disable an item that was selected, and the item that was selected is an accented word, its value will disappear from the dropdown. Enhanced Dropdown block, with search functionality. Drag the block to your screen and set the ItemList parameter structure with your list. Use the SelectedItem parameter to define a pre-selected item. Use the OnSelect event to assign the current value selected to your local variable. For advanced scenarios, use the AdvancedFormat parameter. To check the options available, read the official documentation: https://github.com/jshjohnson/Choices
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  • ItemList: List of items to show in dropdown.
  • SelectedItem: Use this parameter to set a pre-selected item.
  • IsDisabled: Set as True to disable the DropdownSearch.
  • EmptyText: Text to display when there are no items selected and to serve as an empty value.
  • SearchPrompt: Text to display on the search prompt/ placeholder.
  • NoResultsText: Text to display when there are no results.
  • AdvancedFormat: Allow for more options beyond what it's provided through the inputs.
  • ExtendClass: Allow for more options beyond what it's provided through the inputs.
  • EncodeHTML: Option to html encode the value, if a value is accented it will be converted to html entities.
  • OnSelect: Triggered on item select.
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