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OneSignal API Ext

Stable version 1.1.4 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 25 April 2022 by 
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OneSignal API Ext

Designed to extend SendPushNotification API feature which is missing in original OneSignal Plugin, like Headings, Android Background Image, Android Channel (sounds etc), Android Accent Color.
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Designed to extend part of OneSignalAPI module of the official OneSignal Plugin.

Extended Feature:

- Headings addition in Notification.

- Android Background Image (cannot use with action buttons and big picure; small icon and large icon is not displayed, must be baked into background image itself)

- Android Channel Id: can be used to set sound on Android push notification etc. (read more in documentation) and Notification LED color.

- Android Accent Color: to gave accent color in Action Buttons and also small_icon (if alpha channel exists)

- More to come if I had time (if you want to help, please apply for Team)

I mostly only extend Android functionality because I only have Android device.


Original SendPushNotificationToUserid cannot be extended since it read private entity inside original OneSignalAPI.

So I change the method by using OneSignal's external user id feature to implement SendPushNotificationToUserid.

How to use:

1. Uncheck dependencies from original OneSignalAPI (All PushNotifications folder)

2. Add dependency from OneSignalAPI_Ext

3. Do the usual OneSignal Plugin configuration

4. Call SetExternalUserId client action after calling RegisterWithUser, it will set external user id in OneSignal

Set AsyncRegistration = false in RegisterWithUser, to make sure registration already finished before calling SetExternalUserId

5. Call RemoveExternalUserId client action on Logout, before calling OneSignal Plugin's Unregister

6. Use SendPushNotificationToUserid or other methods.

Release notes (1.1.4)

New Android Accent Color option.

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in version 1.0.1
Very good plugin, interesting functionality.