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MIME Type Library

Stable version 1.1.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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MIME Type Library

A MIME Type Utils Library, with a MIMEType Static Entity, that could be exposed and used from another modules. Can retrieve the corresponding MIMEType from a Binary Data file, based on the magic numbers. It is a modified version over the MIME Types Static Entity by Renato Torres. Uses GetMimeTypes by Magic Numbers by Rui Félix under the hood for functionalities. Credit also to the respective authors ;)
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Contains a public MIMEType Static Entity, which could be referenced from another modules:

The library has the functionality to retrieve the corresponding record from the MIMEType Static Entity by providing a Binary Data file:

Over the original MIME Types Static Entity by Renato Torres, this component has: 

- added functionality for automatic MIMEType retrieval from a Binary Data file

- added .docm record to MIMEType

- abstracted in a separate application, refactored and renamed to a Lib module, according to best practices

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