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Notification Center

version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Notification Center

A component that handles notifications of your application, through different channels.
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Notification Center is a component that allows your applications to manage notifications through different channels: Email, Push Notifications, In-App, and SMS. 

How to set up this component and start using it: 

Email Notifications: 

OutSystems lets you send emails from your apps via the Simple Mail Transference Protocol (SMTP). Configuring SMTP is an environment-wide configuration, so you can choose a different email provider for each environment. 

Follow this link to Configuring the SMTP server


Check this YouTube video on How to send an SMS in OutSystems? for more information. You may also take the opportunity and subscribe to the OutSystems How-Tos YouTube channel!

Push Notification: 

---------------------Not implemented yet--------------------

In-App Notifications:

Create a notification Feed Screen and manage the user notifications based on if it was already seen by the end-user or not.  

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