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MultiSelect on Popup

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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MultiSelect on Popup

Multiselect component mainly on popup. We can select several items at one time. See also screenshots and demo( ). This component is helpful when we want to include image or various information in each item selection.
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# demo video

This sample demo simulates the case when we want to assign a task to multiple people. The component supports

1. save/cancel button

2. all select/de-select

3. refine your search

Note) The sample data are generated using .

# How to use this?

1. First, define the data action to fetch the list items. The type of output data should be structure which contains "Ischecked" boolean attribute.

2. Fill in "TitlePlaceholder" and "ListPlaceHolder" as below. The former placeholder has title text and the latter has list and list item (like ListItemContent).

3. Define the each handler of 4 events, OnAllChecked, OnCancel, OnSave and OnSearch.

4. Set the block on the popup

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