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Nager Country Holidays API

Stable version 1.0.7 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Nager Country Holidays API

Nager Country Holidays API. Get the National (and Regional) Holidays of more than 100 countries.
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Integration with the Nager country Holidays API. Returned information included national and regional holidays from more th1n 100 countries. Source:

The consumed API dos not require a subscription.

  • You can obtain the list of supported countries through GetAvailableCountries action. To obtain the list of country holidays you must provide the country code and year, thru GetCountryHolidays action.
  • To check if a date (default: Today) is a holiday use IsTodayHoliday action. 
  • To obtain country info thru GetCountryInfo.

More actions will be provided in future releases.

Release notes (1.0.7)

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