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ClickSend SMS Integration

Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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ClickSend SMS Integration

Add SMS text messaging capability to your OutSystems applications with ClickSend. ClickSend is a business communication platform that offers technical expertise, industry experience, quality support, and direct channels to communicate with individuals or groups. SMS messaging lies within ClickSend’s core, allowing businesses to send SMS for marketing purposes, alerts, invites, and more. ClickSend uses direct routes to send its communications to anywhere in the world. Send SMS from reliable channels, personalise messages, and send SMS from business names with the ClickSend service.
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The ClickSend connector permits your Outsystems custom-made apps to use ClickSend API to send SMS text messages.

Add SMS functionality to your OutSystems applications with ClickSend. Then use custom triggers in your application to:

  • Send SMS appointment confirmations and reminders

  • Send order and shipping updates via text

  • Improve your customer service conversations with fast responses

  • Send emergency alert blasts

  • Send coupons and promotional messages

  • Talk to staff and improve internal communications

  • Collect surveys or feedback

Using the most reliable, direct connections with carriers, ClickSend offers near-instant SMS delivery, and supports sending thousands of messages per minute. Then receive replies straight to your ClickSend account, within the ClickSend dashboard history logs.

Get started today. Signup with ClickSend to start adding text messaging functionality to your Outsystems application now.

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