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ToastifyJS - Notification Messages

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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ToastifyJS - Notification Messages

Toastify is a lightweight, vanilla JS toast notification library. With this library you can trigger customized notifications and change almost all settings and layout of the notification.
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With this library you can trigger customized notifications whenever you want!


  • Multiple stacked notifications
  • Customizable
  • No blocking of execution thread

Main Customization Options

  • Notification Text
  • Duration
  • Toast background(Image, color or gradient)
  • Close icon display
  • Display position
  • Offset position

To use it in you OutSystems apps just need to drag the listener to a specific page or layout, and call the client action that triggers the notification. The available actions are:

  • SimpleToastMessage;
  • CustomToastMessage;
  • BackgroundImageToastMessage.

Component developed using the ToastifyJS library.

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