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User Management - Reactive

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User Management - Reactive

User Management application to perform bulk operations i.e. we can add/delete multiple users, modify roles on the fly using this application. We can create multiple users at a time using an excel upload. Add this component in your application as a dependencies and you can manage your users with just couple of clicks.
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  1. Go to UserManagement_CW module under User Management application
  2. You will find multiple web blocks for viewing, creating, deleting, and modifying the roles of an end user
  3. Below is the description for each web block:
    • AllUsers: To view all the users in the environment, edit their roles and to delete the users (if any).
    • Application_UserManagement: Web block for fetching application users using Application Name and to add new/edit their roles.
    • AddNewUsers: This web block is used to add new users into User Table. Bulk upload user option is available to create multiple users in one go
    • AddorRemoveRoles: Add or Remove roles for a particular user based on Application Name (to filter the roles and show the list of roles applicable for that application in which this web block is being used)
    • BulkUserUpload: This web block can be used to upload bulk users using the sample excel available below Upload widget. In excel enter all the mandatory values and you can find the Role Id from Role entity with the help of concern development team.
    • User_Roles: Web block for fetching the roles associated with the User Id.

What all operation we can do

  1. Creation of multiple users using excel upload
  2. Delete multiple users
  3. Modify the roles for the users


Kindly name your roles starting with Application name so that it will be easy to use this web block.

E.g.: Role Name: ExampleApplication_Role1

                            ExampleApplication_Role2, etc.

Here, ExampleApplication is the name of the application and Role1, Role2 is the name of the role.

Release notes (1.0.2)

Updated OutSystems UI version.

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Useful component for bulk operations