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AWS Maps

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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AWS Maps

AWS Maps is a Reactive library allowing to add Amazon Web Services maps to any Outsystems web application. It includes a detailed documentation with information to properly configure and use the component. Feature List: - Display a dynamic map from Amazon Location Services. - It has the possibility to add Markers. Each marker shows a popup with reverse geolocalization information, obtained by using the marker coordinates e.g., Business name, Full Address. - Get current user position.
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This component receives several input parameters:

  • AWSIdentityPoolId: It is mandatory. It holds the Amazon Cognito Identity Pool Id created to allow unauthenticated users to access to Amazon Location Services map resources.
  • AwsMapName:  It is mandatory. It holds the map resource name created in Amazon Location Services. This map is going to be rendered on the client app.
  • AwsMapPlaceIndexName: It is mandatory. It holds the place index resource name created in Amazon Location Services. It is used to search by coordinates when loading markers
  • InitialLongitude. It is mandatory. It holds the initial longitude where the rendered map is going to be centered.
  • InitialLatitude: It is mandatory. It holds the initial latitude where the rendered map is going to be centered.
  • Markers: It is not mandatory. This variable holds a list of a structured list of Markers (Longitude, Latitude). Later those markers are loaded in the map after it’s initialized.

Check for the documentation for additional information about Amazon Web Services, Amazon Localization Services, and to discover how to set up your Amazon Web Services account to start working with this component.

Important considerations:

You need to create a Map resource, a Place Index and create an Amazon Cognito Identity Pool and allow the access for unauthenticated users as was described in the previous tutorial, you should have everything ready to display the map in Outsystems using this component. Check the documentation for more information.

The map and the place index need to have the same provider (ESRI or HERE).

Be careful, Amazon Location Services coordinates works in a different way than Google maps. Amazon Location Services uses coordinates like (longitude, latitude), on the contrary than Google Maps that uses coordinates like (latitude, longitude). Amazon Location Services updated their format to match the one used in MapLibreGL Js, very useful when rendering maps, markers and popups, between other things.

The component includes a validation for invalid coordinates: Latitude should be between (-90 to 90) and Longitude between (-180 to 180).

It also includes an action to get the current location (coordinates) of the user.

There is a structure to hold marker information with the structure of Longitude and Latitude. The workflow to display a marker is the following:

  • Search by coordinates using the place index the coordinates of the marker.
  • Create a popup with the information of the place located in the address
  • Create a marker in the marker coordinates, add the previous created popup to the marker, and add the marker to map finally.

The component does not currently support custom marker popups. It will be included in future versions.

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