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Azure Log Analytics Connector

version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Azure Log Analytics Connector

This component allows sending logs to Azure Log Analytics Custom Tables
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This component allows sending logs to Azure Log Analytics Custom Tables.

It can be used by your own applications to send log entries to custom tables you have setup beforehand in an Azure Log Analytics workspace.

Before using this component, please make sure you understand how Azure Log Analytics Workspaces & Custom Tables work by following this tutorial:

Tutorial - Send data to Azure Monitor Logs using REST API (Azure portal) - Azure Monitor | Microsoft Docs

As indicated in the Microsoft tutorial, on Azure side you will mainly have to setup:

  • In Azure Active Directory a representation of your OutSystems application.
  • Azure Log Analytics Workspace.
  • Azure Log Analytics Endpoint / Data Collection Rules / Custom Tables

This component provides two server actions that you need to inkove in your code:

  1. AuthenticateToAzureLogAnalytics
  2. SendLogsToAzureLogAnalytics

 After authentication and invoking the logging API on Azure you should see entries in your azure log analytics custom tables.

Again, make sure you follow the Microsoft tutorial first.

Also you will have to configure your own Azure Log Analytics data ingestion endpoint in ServiceCenter.

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