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Stable Version 2.6.8 (O11)
Also available for 10
Published on 19 Apr by 
Stable Version 2.6.8 (O11)
Also available for 10
Published on 19 Apr by 
Created on 28 June 2016

OutSystems UI

What’s new (2.6.8)

Bug fixing:

  • The RightContent placeholder in the Master Detail pattern now has the height set to 100%. This allows content to be easily centered within the placeholder. (ROU-2087)
  • The Floating Actions pattern is now fully accessible and all assistive technologies can read it's content. (ROU-2074)
  • All WizardItems inside the Wizard block can now be reached through assistive technologies. (ROU-2072)
  • The Timeline Item pattern is now fully accessible when used with assistive technologies. (ROU-2060)
  • All elements in the Stacked Cards pattern can now be read through assistive technologies. (ROU-2059)
  • There's a new client action on the OutSystems UI - SetBottomBarActiveElement. This client action defines the active element on the BottomBar. This is now used by default on mobile templates. (ROU-2056)
  • The Section Index pattern now throws a console warning when it is used with a list. This alert the developer to disable the virtualization on the list. (ROU-2046)
  • When using the back navigation in the browser, the Section Index pattern no longer throws errors if there is missing onDestroy validation. (ROU-2029)
  • Now, when the Master Detail pattern is used inside the Tabs pattern, there are no z-index related conflicts on mobile. (ROU-2026)
  • Improved the Floating Content preview in Service Studio to correctly display the different positions as it displays in runtime. (ROU-2020)
  • The Carousel widget no longer throws a JavaScript error on the console when it's empty. (ROU-2019)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Range Slider drag to appear slow. (ROU-2018)
  • Carousel client actions CarouselNext and CarouselPrevious now work correctly when RTL is enabled. (ROU-2017)
  • The Carousel pattern now updates the values when a parameter in the block changes. (ROU-2002)
  • The .column-item element now has the min-width: 0. This was added to fix the resize behavior of SVG elements inside columns, with the main example being the OutSystems Charts widgets. Now, these elements adjust their size correctly when the browser is resized. (ROU-1996)
  • When using the LayoutBlank block, the Floating Actions widget is now correctly positioned on the bottom of the screen. This was fixed by moving the --footer-height CSS variable to the :root with a default value of 0px. This ensures that, even when there's no footer on the screen, the calc() function for bottom positioning does not fail. (ROU-1990)
  • Added validation that prevents the Carousel widget to render without a valid parent width. (ROU-1951)
  • The Dropdown Search, Dropdown Tags, and Dropdown (with Custom option) patterns no longer appear cut when they are opened inside an Accordion widget. (ROU-1916)
The OutSystems UI framework for Reactive Web and Mobile apps with dozens of responsive UI patterns on top of a solid design system, fully customizable to your Style Guide needs.
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With dozens of responsive UI patterns, this framework is integrated with OutSystems and allows you to build the UI of your app using low code. 

Key features:

  • More than 70 UI patterns
  • Easily customizable and extendable design system
  • Responsive UI
  • Right-to-left support
  • Accessibility compliance with WCAG 2.1
  • Actions to deal with different device types
  • Built for Reactive Web and Mobile apps 

Find out more at www.outsystems.com/outsystems-ui

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24 Mar
in version 2.6.6
Hoped that it's working
in version 2.3.2
Best guided app development system for android web-based app
in version 2.3.0
As a designer I am constantly frustrated by the disappearing of component examples I have been using in my designs and the lack of working examples of components. Reading documentation about components doesn't help me. I need to interact with components and be able to share them with others to interact with. The Sketch file of UI components is months out of date. Not a very designer-friendly site.
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