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Stable Version 2.6.13 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
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OutSystems UI

The OutSystems UI framework for Reactive Web and Mobile apps with dozens of responsive UI patterns on top of a solid design system, fully customizable to your Style Guide needs.
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With dozens of responsive UI patterns, this framework is integrated with OutSystems and allows you to build the UI of your app using low code. 

Key features:

  • More than 70 UI patterns
  • Easily customizable and extendable design system
  • Responsive UI
  • Right-to-left support
  • Accessibility compliance with WCAG 2.1
  • Actions to deal with different device types
  • Built for Reactive Web and Mobile apps 

Find out more at www.outsystems.com/outsystems-ui

What’s new (2.6.13)

ROU-2475 - Now, the Rating pattern can be correctly selected on iOS devices when used in Native apps.

ROU-2448 - Now, the native menu back arrow icon is correctly aligned in RTL applications.

ROU-2447 - Fixed an issue with the Horizontal Scroll pattern that prevented margins being applied in RTL applications.

ROU-2322 - Added a new 'is-horizontal' utility-class that can be used on the Radio Group pattern so that it displays horizontally.

ROU-2294 - Now, when toggling between the is-rtl class on iOS devices, the default value on the body element is not lost.

ROU-2181 - Now, the icon on the Button Loading pattern only has a margin value when the parameter ShowLoadingAndLabel is set to True.

Reviews (8)
24 Mar
in version 2.6.6
Hoped that it's working
in version 2.3.2
Best guided app development system for android web-based app
in version 2.3.0
As a designer I am constantly frustrated by the disappearing of component examples I have been using in my designs and the lack of working examples of components. Reading documentation about components doesn't help me. I need to interact with components and be able to share them with others to interact with. The Sketch file of UI components is months out of date. Not a very designer-friendly site.
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