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Learn outsystems concepts from Deep Basics and create your first reactive web application. This application is made for learning purposes. I have explained how we can leverage OutSystems capabilities to develop reactive and mobile applications.
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In this application, I have shown how anyone can create a reactive application from scratch, have covered

  • Creation of Application 
  • Widgets
  • Conditions 
  • Web Blocks
  • Aggregates and Advance SQL
  • CRUD operation 
  • Entities, static entities, and bootstrap data
  • Modularization of application
  • Graphs, Charts, Advance Widgets, and their uses
  • Role Based security 
  • BPT, Timers, and APIs
  • and many more

It also contains an implementation of some homework experiences as well as the implementation of an ERP application case study.

You can refer to my website for accessing the complete course


Author: Ankit Virohi

Email: Info@ankitvirohi.in

Email: info@lowcademy.com

Release notes (2.0.0)

Added Exercises and some new concepts of API

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