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Client Awaitable Popups

Stable version 1.2.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 07 November 2022 by 
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Client Awaitable Popups

Block to show a dialog inside client action and wait for a user response.
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This core widget module provide:

  • Confirm Dialog : The confirm dialog async allows a popup to be defined, enhancing the title and content placeholders with outystems widgets, which can be used within a client action by waiting for the user to give confirmation for the operation. 
  • Wait Dialog : The waiting dialog is a popup with predefined UX, internally use block from Shimmer Loading Library
  • State Dialog : The state dialog is a popup with predefined UX for the operation feedback: When the popup is showing the initial state is Loading and then you can set the transition to one of the following state:
    -Success with action "SetDialogStateToSuccess"
    -Error with action "SetDialogStateToError"
    -Warning with action "SetDialogStateToWarning"
Release notes (1.2.1)

What's new

  • Update OS UI Reference to 2.12
  • Removed Animation Widget Dependency, added fade in animation with css into State Dialog
  • Change Parameter for Offline Dialog from OverrideImageBinary to OverrideImageUrl
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