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Client Key Value Storage

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Client Key Value Storage

The library allows interaction with the browser's WebStorage API ( known as localstorage and sessionstorage) through the use of client actions.
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Three main interaction mechanisms are exposed:
Since Outsystems natively uses the WebStorage API to store context information and client variables the three mechanisms are designed not to conflict with OutSystems behavior.

One of the main features of the WebStorage API is that data separation is done automatically based on the domain of the web application, it often happens that several web applications share the same domain and therefore all three mechanisms use "scope" as the data separation mechanism:
-Global : All web apps that share the domain can access data in this scope.
-Application : All web apps in an Outsystems application can access the data in this scope.
-Module : Only the outsystems module that exposes the web app can access the data in this scope.
-Screen : Only the screen can access this data.

In addition, the KeyValueStorage provide for the storage mode (Local or Session) as an additional parameter.
Characters Support (By Design) : The methods exposed accept only text within Latin1 Range.
Browser Offline limit : Each browser has different policy for max quota for the offline storage. However the advice is "Don't store too much information."

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