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Client Logger

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 20 October 2022 by 
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Client Logger

Library with client actions useful to log inside the browser console and the service center.
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The library enables and configures client-side logging via levels and targets.
  • 1-Console(Browser Console)
  • 2-Service Center
  • 3-Dev Popup
The levels are:
  • 0-Error
  • 1-Warning 
  • 2-Info 
  • 3-Log

IMPORTANT POINT: By design the logger is inactive, so the logger must be enabled/activated in order to function properly.
The library exposes two main client actions for activation and deactivation, you can use a site properties in the module to handle logger activation.

The library use two different pattern to format message:

  • Console/DevPopup :
    Sc: <UIFlow.ScreenName> | Lvl: <Level> | Tm: <Time> | Ac: <Scope> | <Message>
    The Sc and Ac values are trimmed if their values are greater than 20.

  • ServiceCenter :
    Ap: <ApplicationName> | Md: <ModuleName> | Sc: <UIFlow.ScreenName> | Lvl: <Level> | Tm: <Time> | Ac: <Scope> | <Message>

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