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WOPI Library

Stable version 1.1.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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WOPI Library

Components for *generic* integration of a document viewer/editor in the browser, on the basis of an Office for the Web WOPI implementations in OutSystems: WOPI Host Page UI Widget and WOPI Library utilities. Currently tested with: - Microsoft Office Online Server - ONLYOFFICE The library is still under active development and breaking changes are to be expected
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View or Edit Office documents (PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint..) via WOPI. Requires a running and configured instance of a WOPI-capable service, e.g. Office Online Server, Office 365, ONLYOFFICE, ..

Please feel free to test and give feedback, also with another WOPI implementations (e.g. Office 365, ..)

Documentation of the Microsoft WOPI implementation in OutSystems:

More specifically WOPI Discovery:

and WOPI REST API protocol:

This component is based on the following demo for an ONLYOFFICE-specific WOPI implementation in OutSystems:

which is accompanied by detailed instructions:

Release notes (1.1.0)

Simplified configuration: WOPI Discovery Proof parameters Static Entities removed entirely from WOPI_Lib. 

WOPI Discovery Proof parameters dynamically retrieved from WOPI Discovery XML (cached for 5 Mins for performance.

- New configuration:

- Old configuration:

License (1.1.0)
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