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Widget Accelerator

Stable version 0.1.7 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Widget Accelerator

If you are looking to expose your OutSystems UI so that it can be embedded into another UI this component aims to accelerate that process.
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The aim of this component is to help you achieve the following non-functionals when you expose your OutSystems UI:

  • Responsiveness of the widget (dynamic width & height, no scroll bars, resizing, allowing other items to display over it when required, etc.,)

  • Sharing context and information, for example when

    • navigating inside the widget updating URL on browser

    • logging in on the portal sharing the session context so that the child can independently verify authentication

  • Possibility for analytics and tracing IAM and SSO;

Technical implementation:

This component sets up a communication framework between an OutSystems Widget and an embedding UI.   JavaScript event listeners will forward events in the widget to the host (and vice versa) and pass any input parameters necessary back and forth. 


A convenient and consistent widget implementation requires standardized reusable components, the basis for which are being shared in this forge component.


How to set it up:

This Forge component provides you with the assets (and example implementation) of the most important elements for a widget strategy:

  1. Everything you need to make the OutSystems Widgets

  2. Everything you need to embed the Widgets in your portal

Release notes (0.1.7)
  • Added an implementation to support the back button in the browser
  • Removed all unused dependencies
  • Solved all warnings
  • Removed disabled code
  • Created a better demo of the functionality
  • Added a Widget Test Portal (to facilitate developers in testing the widget inside OutSystems)
  • Made sure all public elements have descriptions
  • Removed the authentication from the demo application. The reliance on external IDP makes it difficult to generalize, meaning that it added complexity without adding vlaue. 
License (0.1.7)
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