Directory Mobile

Stable Version 3.0.0 (O11.8)
Also available for 11, 10
Published on 1 Jul (14 days ago) by 
Created on 30 June 2016

Directory Mobile

What’s new (3.0.0)
  • Revamp and facelift of the Directory Mobile Application
  • New use-cases with new screens for the employee list, filters, departments, offices, and profile
  • Offline Read-Only Data Optimized synchronization 
  • Removed the dependencies:
    • Contacts Plugin
    • Location Plugin
    • Google Maps
    • Cropper
    • Employee Services
Mobile application to display your organization employees’ contacts, departments, and office information. Specially designed for smartphone use, with offline capabilities, the app can be installed as a Progressive Web App.
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The Directory Mobile app provides easy-to-use interfaces perfectly catered for smartphones and includes a lot of built-in functionality that you can use out-of-the-box: 

  • Browse employees by their names and photos
  • Browse departments by their names
  • Browse office through their names
  • Filter by name, departments or roles to find employees and see their details
  • Call or email an employee directly from the app

You can install the Directory Mobile app as a Progress Web App, as it loads all information and synchronizes changes when connected. Check the documentation to learn how to enable this option.

Offline capabilities implement an offline Read-Only Data Optimized synchronization. 

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