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Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Record a Clip from Screen
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Omnus Clip Export 

This is a plugin from cordova-clip-export developed by Omnus for recording the screen of Outsystem Mobile app.

Plataforms : 

iOS only (Swift 5 with ReplayKit)

  • StartCapture
  • StopCapture
  • StopCaptureGallery
  • isRecording
  • isAvailable

Android  (Kotlin Api level 22 to above)

  • StartCapture
  • StopCapture
  • StopCaptureGallery
  • isRecording

Actions : 

  • CheckClipExportPlugin : Checks if the Clip export plugin is loaded and ready to be used.
  • isAvailable: Checks if the ReplayKit is available for the device (iOS only).
  • isRecording: Checks if the plugin are recording right now.
  • startCapture: Start the process to capture the screen.
  • stopCapture: Stop the process of capture the screen and return .mp4 file as binary data.
  • stopCaptureOnGallery: Stop the process of capture the screen and save .mp4 file on photo Gallery.

How to use it  : 

Download it from a forge and use startCapture action to start your recording, if your solution need to be save in the gallery use StopCaptureOnGallery to finish the recording and store this in the user gallery. But if you want to handle the binary .mp4 use the action stopCapture. 

CheckClipExportPlugin, isAvailable, isRecording are actions that give you status about the plugin.

Observation : Don't call the Stop Actions without call the start first, it will crash the app.


If you have advance case that you need to customize the action, maybe is a good idea to call the plugin methods directly from CORDOVA. You can access the plugin with cordova.plugins.ClipExport  and call the methods like : 

  • cordova.plugins.ClipExport.StartCapture(isRecordAudio,SuccessCallBack,FailCallBack)
  • cordova.plugins.ClipExport.StopCapture(SuccessCallBack,FailCallBack)
  • cordova.plugins.ClipExport.StopCaptureGallery(SuccessCallBack,FailCallBack)
  • cordova.plugins.ClipExport.isRecording(SuccessCallBack,FailCallBack)
  • cordova.plugins.ClipExport.isAvailable(SuccessCallBack,FailCallBack)

Release notes (1.0.1)


  • stopCaptureOnGallery [Bug] : Put the resolve function ( $resolve() ) inside the plugin for waiting the callback return to following the flow with success or failure
  • stopCapture [Bug] : Convert ArrayBuffer from Android to base64 binary data to ouutsystems handle well
License (1.0.1)

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13 Feb
in version 1.0.1
Great documentation and good work
in version 1.0.0
Good Job Friend! 
in version 0.0.1
Exactly the component I was looking for! Ty