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Created on 30 June 2016

Barcode Plugin

Plugin that enables an application to scan barcodes and QR codes.
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Plugin that enables an application to scan barcodes and QR codes.


How to use this plugin?

Use ScanBarcode client action in order to open the camera and start the scanning session. If a barcode/qr code is successfully scanned, the result will be available on the Output Parameter ScanResult. The usage of front or back camera can be defined through the Settings parameter, setting Camera to either “front” or “back”. Flash can also be enabled or disabled and if the sight line should be drawn on the screen.

You can learn more about using the Barcode Plugin.

Compatibility with MABS Versions

Choose your plugin version according to the MABS version you are using to generate your mobile apps:

Starting on version 4.1.0 the plugin is compatible for all MABS versions. 

Otherwise follow the rules:

Using MABS >= 5.0: use plugin version >= 4.0.0

Use this version when generating mobile apps for Android P.  Version with support library 28.

Using MABS < 5.0: use plugin version < 4.0.0

Use this plugin version with older MABS versions.



Barcode plugin for Apache Cordova
Apache License 2.0
Copyright 2016 Woon Tien Jing

ZBar Library
LGPL License 2.1
Copyright 2007-2010 (c) Jeff Brown - All Rights Reserved. 

What’s new (4.2.0)
  • Removes references to UIWebView
Reviews (4)
10 Feb (3 weeks ago)
in version 4.2.0
in Android, it will scan whatever is appeared in front of the phone and return a very strange value.  it's really a serious problem.

hope the outsystems team can fix it. 
in version 4.1.0
Super easy to use. Thank you for your work!
in version 4.1.0
On Android, this barcode scanner scans everything (bricks, walls, jean pants, hair -- you name it) and this is very problematic as it returns many false positives when you intend to scan a real barcode.
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