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Task Manager

Stable version 2.0.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
Uploaded on 31 May 2022 by 
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Task Manager

Mobile application to easily manage tasks, with the ability to group them into projects. Specially designed for smartphone use, with offline capabilities.
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The Task Manager app provides easy-to-use interfaces perfectly catered to smartphones and includes several built-in functionalities that you can take advantage of right out-of-the-box:

  • A home screen displaying the most important information:
    • To-do tasks
    • Due-soon tasks
    • Overdue tasks
    • Detailed list of tasks and their status
  • An interactive search screen:
    • Filter search results by task or Project
    • See recently searched items
  • A dedicated task screen listing all tasks, organized by status and due date:
    • Close or reopen tasks without needing to expand them
    • Sort results
  • A dedicated Project screen listing all existing Projects and their respective tasks.
  • Ability to create, edit, and delete tasks, and mark them as complete or reopen them.
  • Ability to create, edit, and delete Projects and see their respective tasks, which can be sorted using the “Sort by” feature. 
  • A profile screen with the user’s basic info.


Offline capabilities implemented through a Read/Write Data Last Write Wins synchronization pattern. 

Release notes (2.0.3)
  • RESA-3436 - Updated references to OutSystems UI 2.9.0.

  • RESA-3298 - Replaced deprecated OS UI elements:
    • Accordion
    • Accordion Item
    • Loading Button
    • Set Active Menu Items
    • Set Menu Listeners
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