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Entity Data Eraser

Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 30 November 2022 by 
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Entity Data Eraser

Allows the deletion of all data from one or multiple entities by name, also deleting nested entities if specified
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Need to zero out your Testing environment for Assurance Testing purposes?

Want to scrub automatic test data created after usage but have large number of entities to delete and don't want to go over the hassle of creating figuring out the references, deletion order and the delete staments?

The Entity Data Eraser will clean all data from an entity by you providing only entity and module name! You can specify multiple entities to delete, and even specify if you want all nested (dependent) tables to be deleted as well.

Features include :

  • Module independence - Can delete entities of any module without referencing it
  • Able to delete multiple "root" entities by specifying Entity and Module name.
  • Able to delete hierachies of nested Entities specifiying only root entity.
  • ServiceAction isolated for transaction optimization.
  • Chunked deletion for use in deleting large entities data sets

Known Limitations :

  • Unable to delete Self-Referencing Entities (A -> A)
  • Unable to delete Cyclic Dependencies (A -> B -> C -> A)

Warning : Should be used cautiously in user screens, as the number of records and entities to delete may cause excessive wait times. Better suited for use in timers or BTPs

Release notes (1.0.1)

Disallow deletion of System Entities

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