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Amazon SQS Connector

Stable version 2.0.7 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
Uploaded on 15 October 2019 by 
 (12 ratings)

Amazon SQS Connector

Connect to the Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) Service, allowing queue management, push and get messages.
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This component allows you to connect to the Amazon Simple Queuing (SQS) using the Amazon SDK.

It allows the following operations:

  • Create a new queue in the SQS service;
  • Get queue based on name;
  • Send message to the SQS queue;
  • Polling messages from a SQS queue for processing;
  • Delete messages after processing;
  • Delete queue in the SQS service.

This component will work for:

  • .NET: Using the AWS SDK for .NET Version 3 API;
  • Java: Using the AWS SDK for Java API v1.11.13.

Release notes (2.0.7)

There are 2 breaking changes in this version. 

  • Message_Send action was deleted and Message_SendAdvanced was renamed to Message_Send. 
  • Message_Receive action was deleted and Message_ReceiveAdvanced was renamed to Message_Receive 

The Advanced versions released by Daniel were more feature complete and should be used instead, it should be straightfoward to replace.

New features / changes:

  • Added a new action Queue_Purge that allows to delete all messages in a queue
  • Changed the MessageGroupId parameter to optional in the Message_Send action as this param only applies to FIFO queues and was preventing the receive for non FIFO queues
  • Added an optional parameter MessageDeduplicationId in the Message_Send action allowing to send deduplicaton id for FIFO queues with that option
  • Renamed the MessageAttributeList to MessageAttributes in the in the Message_Send action to be better aligned with the underlying SDK
  • Changed the MessageAttributeNames parameter to optional in the Message_Receive action to allow easier transition for the new method.
Reviews (2)
in version 2.0.7
It easy to use! Good job!
in version 2.0.6
Best SQS connector with all possibilities.Works like a charm..
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