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XMLHttpRequest Open Intercept

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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XMLHttpRequest Open Intercept

Interceptor library for the native XMLHttpRequest Open command
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XMLHttpRequestOpenIntercept_Lib can be used to intercept client call made by the platform.

On Reactive Apps, aggregates, data actions and server actions there's a timeout (default to 10 seconds). Whenever those actions are called, and they exceeded the timeout defined, the request is aborted in the client side by the platform, and a 'The connection has timed out' error is thrown.

OutSystems does however log this exception on Service Center, but it's generic for all errors, with little to no information on which screen or action it actually timed out. This make it really hard to understand which actions are taking more time than the one defined in the timeout property.

With this library, it's possible to catch those calls that got canceled by the platform due to the timeout defined, and you can just log them to the General Log in Service Center or log them to the Error Log.

From this:

The connection has timed out

to this:

[ERROR] ScreenService: /XMLHttpRequestOpenInterceptDemo/screenservices/XMLHttpRequestOpenInterceptDemo/MainFlow/Demo/DataActionDataAction_TimeoutDemo

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