Card IO Plugin

Stable Version 3.2.0 (O11)
Also available for 10
Published on 26 December 2019 by 
Stable Version 3.2.0 (O11)
Also available for 10
Published on 26 December 2019 by 
Created on 11 July 2016

Card IO Plugin

Leverage credit card recognition (with OCR) in your mobile application.
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This plugin gives the ability to your native Android or iOS application to do OCR over credit cards. This component provides actions to quickly enable the use of card IO functionalities.


How to use this plugin?

Use the CreditCarRead client action in order to start the credit card recognition (OCR). If this action finish successfully you will receive all the Information about the scanned credit card in a output parameter.


It is a known limitation that it is not possible to read the expiry date field when using an Android device.

It is not possible to read placeholder text during manual entry of the card details when using Dark Mode in iOS 13 and above. This is a limitation of the underlying framework used by this plugin.

MABS Compatibility

The latest version (3.2.0) of Card IO Plugin is compatible with the supported MABS versions available: 

  • MABS 7.0 

  • MABS 6.3 


Card IO plugin for Apache Cordova
MIT License (MIT)
Copyright © 2015 OutSystems

What’s new (3.2.0)


  • Adds Dark Mode support for devices running iOS 13 and above
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