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TigerGraph Connector

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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TigerGraph Connector

An application connect to TigerGraph APIs using the Auth based token and retrieve the data from the TigerGraph instance based on the query parameters.
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An application with a service module to connect to the TigerGraph server using token based authorization to retrieve the query data based on parameters.

TigerGraph’s REST API endpoints exist on the REST++ and the GSQL server. REST++ (or RESTPP) is the TigerGraph customized REST server. Our API accepts URL-encoded query string parameters, JSON-encoded request bodies and returns JSON encoded responses.

This user guide provides information on how to engage with our REST APIs: the introduction section explains how to send requests, pass parameters, and format request bodies, while Built-in Endpoints describes in detail each endpoint and its input and output.

To submit a request, send an HTTP request to the REST++ server or the GSQL server. By default, the REST++ server listens for requests at port 9000 and the GSQL server listens on port 14240.
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