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TAR.GZIP Archiver

Stable version 2.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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TAR.GZIP Archiver

This code is a class that implements methods for compressing and decompressing files in the tar.gz format. The MssTAR_GZIP_Zip method takes a list of files and compresses them into a tar.gz file, while the MssTAR_GZIP_Unzip method takes a tar.gz file and extracts a specific file from it.
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The code: 

This class contains two methods, MssTAR_GZIP_Zip and MssTAR_GZIP_Unzip, which are used to compress and decompress files in the tar.gz format respectively. 

MssTAR_GZIP_Zip takes a RLFileRecordList object as an argument and returns a byte array containing the compressed file. It creates a MemoryStream object, then uses a GZipStream to compress it into a tar file before returning it as an array of bytes. 

MssTAR_GZIP_Unzip takes a byte array containing the compressed file, the full path name of the file intended to be extracted, and returns a byte array containing the extracted file as well as its name and a list of all files and directories found in the compressed file. It creates a MemoryStream object from the byte array, then uses GZipStream to decompress it into a tar file before extracting the specified file from it.


For a lighter file and faster responses, web services may compress files in this format, for example, the MaxMind database file.

This component makes it easier to compress/ decompress these types of files and create integrated automations in OutSystems.

If you are unsure of what is the path or name of the file you intend to extract you can pass an empty text on the Filename input parameter and the ListOfFiles output parameter will return a list of all the possible files to be extracted.

Feel free to test and evaluate its operation before installing it on your system.

Release notes (2.0.1)

Added description to input and output parameters, and created a demo to give an example of the functionalities.

License (2.0.1)
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