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Module Update Detail Manager

Stable version 0.1.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Module Update Detail Manager

This App checks and records updates in the selected module.
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This app is based on OutDoc.

The "LastModifiedDate" item and "LastModifiedBy" item, which are not extracted by OutDoc, are repeatedly obtained with a timer to manage differences.

Modules to be acquired can be managed on the screen.

Differences from OutDoc
The type of information that can be extracted is small. Basically, we focus on who, when, and what was updated.
Therefore, values such as description are not acquired. It also limits the types of information that can be obtained.
(This is because I didn't develop features that I don't use.)
Only the following types can be obtained with this app.

  • WebScreen
  • WebBlock
  • ExternalSite
  • OnException
  • Entity
  • Structure
  • StaticEntity
  • Action
  • ClientAction
  • ServiceAction
  • ClientVariable
  • SessionVariable
  • Role
  • Timer
Release notes (0.1.3)

Resolved an issue where records that were determined to be deleted were being refreshed every time.

License (0.1.3)
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