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PDF JS + Annotations

Stable version 1.0.4 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 28 Nov (8 days ago) by 
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PDF JS + Annotations

Custom implementation for the PDF JS Viewer that supports annotations and events. Check the documentation to see exactly what was customized. The version implemented for the PDF JS Library is pdfjs-3.4.120-dist Gotten from: This is the GitHub:
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This component is custom implementation of the PDF JS Viewer.

Main Features:

- Support to binary files

- Support to URL files

- Support to custom events

- Support to view annotations


PDF JS is a Library provided by Mozilla that allows us to handle PDFs in the browser.
By default they provide a sample "Viewer" that is separated from the PDF JS Library.
This component is a custom implementantion of this Viewer not the Library.

On the last versionof this Library and Viewer they provide support to see Annotations on the PDF File but not to create them.

Next steps for the future on this component is to try to allow creating annotations as well.
However, currently we don't support creation just vieweing of annotation.

The events implemented so far are just 'OnInitialized' and 'OnPageRendered'.
Check the documentation on how to implement extra events or reach me using the forums to ask for new events.

Release notes (1.0.4)

Added option to customize the second toolbar.

License (1.0.4)

PDF JS is under Apache License 2.0

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