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An encryption ID in a URL typically refers to a unique identifier that has been encrypted for security purposes.
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Encryption is a process of converting plain text into ciphertext using an encryption algorithm and a key. The ciphertext can only be decrypted back to its original form using the same encryption key. Encryption is often used to protect sensitive information, such as login credentials, financial information, or personal data, from unauthorized access or interception.

When an encryption ID is used in a URL, it is typically used to provide an additional layer of security for sensitive information that is being transmitted over the internet. The encryption ID ensures that the information in the URL cannot be read or intercepted by unauthorized parties.

To use an encryption ID in a URL, the plaintext URL is first encrypted using an encryption algorithm and a key. The resulting ciphertext is then inserted into the URL as the encryption ID. When the URL is accessed, the encryption ID is decrypted using the same encryption algorithm and key, and the plaintext URL is reconstructed and processed.

Overall, the use of encryption IDs in URLs is a useful security measure for protecting sensitive information in transit.

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