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Task and Document Management System

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Task and Document Management System

Task management is an application that allows the user to create tasks, manage folders and documents, as well as add new teammates. The application also contains a dashboard and a calendar that makes use of the FullCalendarReactive Forge component.
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The application contains 2 different user roles: 

  • Administrator - able to create new customers and manage their team members;

  • User Role - able to check the Dashboard, task list, folder (and document) tree, and document list. 
    Depending on the team role (consultant, customer, or Admin) the user can add and delete users from his customer account (in case of being granted the admin role). When creating a new team member, an email is sent to the user onboarding them. 
    On the customer detail page, the user is able to check the folder tree and the documents available. By clicking on the document, a sidebar will appear previewing the document. On this page, the public and private tasks that were created by the current user are listed.  
    By clicking on the Folder detail icon, the Folder detail page will show the folder hierarchy and documents, where the user is able to create and delete documents. 

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