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Qr-CodeGenerator (With Logo)

Stable version 1.2.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Qr-CodeGenerator (With Logo)

QrCode generator allow Outsystems users to create a Qrcode with Logo inside
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QrCode generator allows Outsystems users to create a Qrcode with the company logo :

  -> QrCode generator use some build-in Js plugin.

  ->QrCode generator help developers to generate advanced Qrcode including company logo.

Documentation :

  1. Make dependancy with (QrCodeGenerator_Plug)
  2. .use QrCode block 
  3. .Set Parameters : 
    -> ID (unique Identifier of the QrCode)
    -> Text
    -> imageUrl (optional) -> without ImageUrl you will get only simple Qrcode.
    -> ImageHeight/ImageWidth (optional).
    -> SizePixels (default 120 in px).
    -> ColorHex (default black).
    -> BackgroundHex (default White).
Release notes (1.2.3)

* Fix errors & add more QrCode controle options

License (1.2.3)
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