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K Test Manager

Stable version 1.0.4 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 27 Nov (5 days ago) by 
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K Test Manager

Manage and run automated unit tests. Run your first test in minutes. Just configure the test endpoint in K Test Manager. Uses K Test Core. Add K Test Core dependencies, create a REST API and use the actions to accelerate writing tests.
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The K TEST MANAGER will run suites of tests written in code, or "unit tests", and helps monitor the results.

Only test suites and test scripts must be configured. Test cases are automatically added to a test script when the test script runs.

The structure of tests is

  • A test suite consists of multiple test scripts.
  • A test script is run via an authenticated REST API call.
  • A test script runs one or many test cases. 
  • A test case verifies the result for a scenario of use, or "case", of a target operation.
  • Within the test case, assertions check individual properties of the target operation's result.

The test suite may be run as a whole or test scripts may be run individually. To run test cases individually, expose a separate script API call to run a particular test case.

Test scripts are written using the K Test Core forge component.

Release notes (1.0.4)

Added ability to filter script results by "Errors only"

Improved efficiency of filtering script results

Updated the UI, including test cases list now groups test cases by target, script page is cleaner and more concise, script page actions are now under a popup action menu.

License (1.0.4)
Reviews (1)
30 Nov (2 days ago)
in version 1.0.4
This is THE unit test framework to use for OutSystems. The design and implementation is impeccable.
Also, and probably most importantly, the component author is responsive and active. So you know you can use these components confidently in your projects and won't be left with no support.
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