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Stable version 1.0.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 26 Nov (11 days ago) by 
 (2 ratings)


This application is intended to be used in website analytics tools to visualize user behaviour. By tracking mouse movements and clicks, this will help website owners understand which areas of a webpage attract the most attention or engagement.
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Use HeatmapJS Dashboard to visualize the Heatmap, or create your own!

Enable/Make sure that the Heatmap_CS module have the Light process execution activated on the Module under Operation tab

This will increase the performance significantly and won't leave unnecessary logs behind.

All the current solutions on the market are paid, so using OutSystems and JavaScript I created my own heatmap tracker/database, and used the amazing heatmap.js library from Patrick Wied to make it possible to visualize it!

heatmap.js v2.0.5 (c)
2015 Patrick Wied
MIT License

The data will be stored by Day, Week and Month, per user/all users, per moves and clicks and screen size.


This application by default tracks and store the data per user and all users together, in terms of legal tracking per user, you might want to inform your users that they activity is being monitoring.
Alternately you can set the tracker to just store all users together.

Release notes (1.0.2)
  • Make the following variable possible to change after being initialized:
    • CountMouseMove
    • CountMouseClick
    • MouseMoveTrackingDelay
  • Clean-up some code from the initialization script
  • Fixed a issue when visualizing the heatmap

License (1.0.2)
Reviews (2)
14 Jul
in version 1.0.1
Very intuitive to use and well documented. Great tool.
14 Jul
in version 1.0.1
Very usefull aplication.
Super user friendly and a huge help to app analytics.
Thank you
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