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Steam Widgets

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Steam Widgets

This application allows you to embed different steam cards, both for steam profile and shop games
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These are different patterns to show steam games and your steam profile with different cards in your reactive applications.

Steam profiles must be public to embed it

How to use:

- Shop games:

1. Get the product store id. 

It is finded in the url of the website (730):

- Profiles:

1. Get your personal Steam API key by using the following link:

You can use your steam name as domain for this key.


this key will be use to input custom url for the steam profiles. For security reasons store this key in a site property

Web API keys provide access to sensitive user data and protected methods. These keys are intended to be used for Web API requests that originate from secure publisher servers. The keys must be stored securely, and must not be distributed with a game client. All Web API requests that contain Web API keys should be made over HTTPS.

2. Get your steam profile id:

this id can be found in your steam profile URL.

custom id's are allowed by making a REST API to Steam Web API

Both default and custom formats enabled (76561198064358255 or PCGamesN)


3. For some cards can be showed in different languages.

You can use the pre-defined languages of the static entiy or just passing as input parameter the language name.

These cards have been automatically created to be updated when the steam profile id input parameter is changed. 

If you want to override this behaviour, you can call the SetSteamId client action in the flow you want to run and map your steam profile id input parameter with an auxiliary variable to your user's input parameter. Refer to the demo for an explanation

Profle cards powered by PCGamesN©

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