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Portuguese Licence Plate Mask

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Portuguese Licence Plate Mask

This mask provides a pattern of Portuguese Licence Plate.
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This component adds a License Plate Mask to a text input. It validates the input according to the Portuguese standards for license plates.

The component supports the following formats:

  • AA-11-11 (used until February 1992)
  • 11-11-AA (used from March 1992)
  • 11-AA-11 (current format)
  • AA-11-AA (new format)

The component does not accept the following formats:

  • AA-AA-11
  • 11-AA-AA
  • AA-AA-AA
  • 11-11-11

The component has an input element and two events: OnChange and OnBlur.

The component does not use any external libraries. The JavaScript code was written from scratch.

To use the component, you just need to add it to your form and assign the variables and actions that you want to use with the mask. You can also check out the demo to see how it works.

I welcome any feedback, suggestions or improvements.

I hope you find this component useful.

Thank you. :)

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