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GlobalHack VI
GlobalHack VI
Created on 23 October 2016
Every organization, and every service they provide, all work towards one unified goal: end the chronic cycle of homelessness by ensuring every individual has a way out. So why not create a platform with that goal built in from the start?
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PathOut is a HMIS whose goal is to give every individual a path out of the homelessness cycle. Starting with a coordinated entry system where a case manager can enter relevant data about the client and assess their priority (based on the VI-SPDAT), PathOut then allows case managers to determine their client's individual needs based on four key service areas: housing, education, health, and employment. Then, a case manager finds specific services offered across a city's CoC organizations based on that client's needs, and they add the service to the client's "path out of homelessness." This path is a holistic visualization of client needs for any case manager -- regardless of organization -- to understand, better enabling coordination of services across CoC members, and a progress tracking for clients that provides a clear, simple path out of homelessness.

Application created in the context of the hackthon Globalhack 2016.

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