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Dynamic Forms Builder with JSON/EXCEL

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Dynamic Forms Builder with JSON/EXCEL

A powerful component tailored for the OutSystems Forge community, the Dynamic Form Builder enables the rapid creation of adaptive forms. Ideal for polls, surveys, quizzes, and checklists, it offers in-built validation, helpful tips, and logic-driven dependent fields. Fields can be effortlessly added using either JSON format or directly on-screen. A versatile tool, it's perfect for gathering feedback, designing educational quizzes, streamlining operational checklists, or customizing event registrations. Experience seamless form design and user interaction on the OutSystems platform!
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Introducing the Dynamic Form Builder - a versatile and customizable component designed specifically for the OutSystems Forge community. Aimed at empowering developers to craft adaptable and user-friendly interfaces, this component serves as a sample for creating dynamic forms enriched with robust features.

Key Features:

  1. Dynamic Form Creation: Generate forms on-the-fly, be it for polls, surveys, quizzes, checklists, or any other reactive form requirements.

  2. Intuitive Validation: Ensure data integrity and user compliance with built-in validation capabilities.

  3. Helpful Tips: Guide your users seamlessly through each form with context-sensitive tips, enhancing the overall user experience.

  4. Dependent Fields: Implement conditional logic to showcase or hide fields based on previous user inputs, creating a more streamlined and logical user experience.

  5. JSON Input Compatibility: Flexibly add fields to your form using JSON format for those who prefer a code-centric approach.

  6. On-Screen Field Addition: Non-coders can rejoice! Easily add fields directly on the screen without delving into code.

Use Cases:

  • Feedback Collection: Capture user feedback for apps or services through dynamic surveys or polls.

  • Educational Platforms: Design quizzes or tests tailored to specific modules or subjects.

  • Operational Checklists: Ensure process adherence through dynamic checklists in industries like aviation, healthcare, or manufacturing.

  • Event Registration: Customize event sign-up forms based on the type of event, audience, or theme.

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