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Generate Guid Client

Stable version 1.0.9 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Generate Guid Client

This is a GUID generator to use on client actions, it generates v4 or v7 (timestamped) UUID unique identifiers. It's similar to the server action 'GenerateGuid', but usable in client actions (which means it can be used while offline!). Tested on mobile apps, on both Android and iOS devices. Example of generated GUID: "635844f6-0856-42a2-a832-4b9d3b775bd2" (UUID v4) "018b39a2-049f-745a-a03d-a25ce8da06b4" (UUID v7)
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This client action generates a unique GUID. It uses the JavaScript randomUUID() method of the Crypto interface. It generates a v4 UUID using a cryptographically secure random number generator.

Update: now supporting optional sequencial and timestamped UUID v7

Example of a generated GUID: "635844f6-0856-42a2-a832-4b9d3b775bd2"

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For more information check the following links:

Release notes (1.0.9)

Added input parameter to allow creation of v7 UUID

License (1.0.9)
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