Bluetooth Serial Plugin

Stable Version 3.0.1 (O11)
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Created on 17 November 2016

Bluetooth Serial Plugin

Plugin that enables an application to access the Bluetooth capabilities of the users device.
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Simple plugin that enables an application to access the Bluetooth capabilities of the users' device.

Wrapper for cordova-plugin-bluetooth-serial.

Main Actions:

  • IsBluetoothOn - checks if the Bluetooth from the device is enabled
  • ListPairedDevices - Returns Structure with a list of devices paired with the user's device
  • ListUnpairedDevices - Returns Structure with a list of devices that are unpaired.  

It's now possible to read data from the Bluetooth device into the mobile device.

You can use the BluetoothSample Application to learn how to use this plugin. 

Note: This will not work to communicate between mobile devices.

What’s new (3.0.1)
  • Renamed component to better indicate it's the difference to the BLE Plugin (Bluetooth Low energy) as this plugin enables serial communication over Bluetooth.
  • Fixed some typos
  • Changed the variable types of the Subscribe webblocks to keep it consistent. The plugin now outputs the Error Structure from the Common Plugin (Possible breaking change)
  • Standardize the error codes so that an error code always match the proper error or message as the description below:
    • 1  - Cordova is not defined
      2  - BluetoothSerial Plugin is not defined
      3  - Bluetooth is Disabled
      4  - Connect Error
      5  - Disconnect Error
      6  - Device is Not Connected
      7  - List Bluetooth Devices Error
      8  - Error reading data
      9  - Error writing data
      10 -Error Subscribing
      11 -Error Unsubscribing
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