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App Store Launcher Plugin

Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
Uploaded on 25 March 2019 by 
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App Store Launcher Plugin

Launches the right store for the device (App Store, Google Play, or internal App Store)
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Use it to redirect the user to the AppStores whenever you:

  • have new plugins on your app
  • want to "cross sell" other apps

Now you can open the correct app store for the user's device, provided you configure all the correct configurations:

  • Package name for Google Play (e.g. "")
  • Apple ID for Apple's AppStore (e.g. "id882559689")
  • Application Name for your environment's Internal App Store (e.g. "App Store Launcher Demo")

Release notes (1.0.1)
  • Update to OS11
  • Add Demo App
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